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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,267 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 313,791 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Learn more about how to hunt megatrends, ideas, patterns and opportunity.
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"Our brand new Trend Hunter FuturistU platform gives you full access to 100+ modules of our trend and innovation curriculum. You'll be able to dive much deeper into our content with days of material, included trend reports and our pro-level insights. Discover what’s next in our rapidly-changing world!"

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This video is a sample of the 100+ modules you’ll find on our FuturistU platform, that deep-dive into the topics that matter most to businesses today. In joining our FuturistU platform, you’ll also gain access to our premium content, including our trend report library and our trend dashboard. You can utilize these tools to further your learning by exploring emerging trends to inspire your next big idea, track key markets, and unlock premium insight into need-to-know trends.

Learn 100+ data-driven insights & innovation frameworks from our Futurists

Jeremy Gutsche Innovation Speaker
Jeremy Gutsche
NY Times Bestseller, Innovation & Megatrends
Armida Ascano Innovation Speaker
Armida Ascano
Generations: The Evolution of Millennials, Boomers, X’s & Z’s
Jaime Neely Innovation Speaker
Jaime Neely
Work: Experience, Excellence & Engagement
Courtney Scharf Innovation Speaker
Courtney Scharf
Play: Future of Leisure, Nightlife and Entertainment
Jonathon Brown Innovation Speaker
Jonathon Brown
Tactics: Innovation Tactics, Frameworks, & Best Practices
Gil Cohen Innovation Speaker
Gil Cohen
Marketing: Hyperconnectivity, & Becoming Consumer
Ady Floyd Innovation Speaker
Ady Floyd
Shop: Retail Innovation, Omnichannel & Marketing
Mark Onufer Innovation Speaker
Mark Onufer
Innovation: Consumer Frameworks, Product Development, Work Culture
Sean Watson Innovation Speaker
Sean Watson
Futurism: Hyper-Convenience, AI, Personalization & Tech

Explore Courses

Innovation & Change
Ability to Change FuturistU Course
Ability to Change
People miss out because we lead busy lives and get caught up in a predictable groove, repeating past decisions. This makes it difficult to spot opportunity, and more difficult to act. Even when we have a great idea, it can be a struggle to get buy-in, influence others, and make change happen. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Adaptive Innovation FuturistU Course
Adaptive Innovation
Chaotic markets have the potential to take you dangerously off-course. To increase the consistency of winning, you need to manage your innovation and prototyping in a methodical, adaptive way.
Culture of Innovation FuturistU Course
Culture of Innovation
Culture is more important than strategy. Culture underlies your organization’s ability to adapt, and times of dramatic change magnify this importance. Your organization likely perceives the need to adapt, but uncertainty and resistance are paralyzing innovation. Winning the future begins with a culture of innovation.
Infectious Messaging FuturistU Course
Infectious Messaging
We live in a world cluttered with chaos. If you want your innovative idea to break through all the noise, you need a well-packaged story. By creating infectious messaging, your ideas will resonate, helping you to leapfrog ahead of the competition.
Opportunity Hunting FuturistU Course
Opportunity Hunting
Innovation and strategic advantage hinge on your ability to anticipate trends and identify the next big thing. By using Trend Hunter’s tried-and-tested frameworks, you can filter through chaos and identify clusters of opportunity to focus your innovation.
The 18 Megatrends of the New Normal FuturistU Course
The 18 Megatrends of the New Normal
Trends aren’t always obvious, especially when your business is in survival mode. In this course, we’ll take a huge step back to see ahead. Join us for a deep dive into the 18 Megatrends Matrix, these are the trends that matter for 2021. In general, the trend landscape is confusing and messy, to make sense of it all, we’ve developed a novel proprietary sorting system, that identifies the most integral ideas. Once you know what’s making waves, your business has the insight to make connections and this is how innovation is born. Let’s be clear, these trends are not your next big idea, they are the pathway to disruption. Let’s get there together.
Cracking the Leisure Code FuturistU Course
Cracking the Leisure Code
Get to know your consumer by examining what they do in their spare time. In this module, we break down the psychological drivers influencing people’s entertainment choices, offering insight into the future of leisure.
Leisure & Play FuturistU Course
Leisure & Play
Discover the drivers that are changing the world of entertainment as we know it today! Our framework will help you prepare for the future of leisure, deepening your understanding of consumer leisure preferences by exploring their primary motivators and desires.
Modern Foodies FuturistU Course
Modern Foodies
Who is the modern foodie, and how can you reach them? In this course, we break down how the virality of content, instagram-culture, and the role of the internet have impacted the food space, revealing emerging shifts in consumer motivations.
New Leisure Rules FuturistU Course
New Leisure Rules
What is free time when time has lost all meaning? This year, leisure did a 180. Less travel. More at home. How consumers divide their work and play has drastically changed. In this course, we’ll unpack the new way consumers break up their days. We’ll explore the new rules of leisure, unexplored avenues, and exciting adaptations for your business.
Brand Love FuturistU Course
Brand Love
Building brand love with your consumer is more important than ever before. In this module, we break down the 4 Pillars of Brand Love, teaching you how to leverage them to build a dedicated consumer fandom around your brand.
Marketing in the Crisis of Authenticity FuturistU Course
Marketing in the Crisis of Authenticity
An increased preference for authenticity among todays’ consumers have caused traditional marketing strategies to fall short. In this session, we’ll show you 3 marketing tactics any brand can leverage to adjust brand messaging and capture consumer attention.
Marketing in Times of Chaos FuturistU Course
Marketing in Times of Chaos
Chaos can be distracting. It can take us away from the fundamentals of marketing and innovation. The best organizations know how to manage the chaos without losing their purpose. Truth and integrity. Clear messaging. Build community. During times of changing being true will help your business breakthrough.
Max Impact Marketing FuturistU Course
Max Impact Marketing
Advances in technology have caused unprecedented shifts in consumer expectations, forcing brands to quickly adapt. This course will outline new marketing strategies to help you resonate with today’s consumer, and better align with the values of your target audience.
Consumer Behavior FuturistU Course
Consumer Behavior
To uncover the motivators behind purchasing behavior, you need a nuanced analysis of your consumer’s mindset. In this session, we examine the key trends in consumer behavior in the era of personal brand, helping you create more meaningful connections with your consumer.
Unpacking Consumer Behavior FuturistU Course
Unpacking Consumer Behavior
What are trend tensions, and how do they impact consumer behavior? In this course, you’ll learn how examining opposing trends can help you uncover new opportunities, helping you plug into emerging cultural shifts and better understand consumer psychology.
Forecasting Micro-Generational Desire FuturistU Course
Forecasting Micro-Generational Desire
In this course, we will explore Trend Hunter’s Micro-Generations Matix. By breaking down typical generational segments into smaller groups you can better understand their nuanced needs, helping you build better generational targeting.
Generational Chaos & Consequences FuturistU Course
Generational Chaos & Consequences
At this time in the world, we are united by chaos. While it’s a shared experience, history has shown that generations live through chaos differently. Let’s look back at world-transforming moments to better understand how different generations navigated and innovated through. For your business, this is an opportunity to get closer to your target audience. To consider what they may be experiencing and how you can be there for them in new and surprising ways.
Micro-Generations Matrix FuturistU Course
Micro-Generations Matrix
Trend Hunter’s Micro-Generations Matrix can help you improve your approach to various generational groups. In this course, we narrow in on the stereotypes behind generational trends and shared generational experiences, illustrating how they will impact their needs as consumers.
Future-Proofing Work Culture FuturistU Course
Future-Proofing Work Culture
For organizations both large and small, having an engaged, motivated, and innovative workforce is becoming a priority. In this course, we outline the four E’s of modern work culture, future-proofing your company and helping you attract and retain top talent.
Reimagining Work Culture FuturistU Course
Reimagining Work Culture
Ready or not, the future of work has arrived. Earlier this year, employees all over were forced to bring their work home, with little to no warning. While many organizations swiftly shifted and adapted, others struggled to navigate and manage a virtual working environment. In this course we’ll look ahead to see what our workplaces can look like post global crisis. We’ll dive deep to examine how the workplace has forever changed, and what employers must do now to meet the needs of their employees.
Work Culture FuturistU Course
Work Culture
The connection between culture and a company’s ability to innovate is stronger than ever before. In this session, we’ll examine the unique needs of a younger workforce, shifts in modern work-life balance, and how diversity is shaping the future of work, backed by data from our Innovation Assessment.
How to be Retail Resilient FuturistU Course
How to be Retail Resilient
When the world went on lockdown, retail had no choice but to pivot. The ones that moved fast survived and thrived. One thing proved true, chaos accelerated change and reshaped the way consumers shop. Through the change, three retail-centric Megatrends emerged: Naturality, Authenticity, and Many-to-Many. Let’s examine and explore the shifts that happened in-store, online, and in omnichannel spaces. A time to reflect on what worked and where to next.
Omnichannel Retail FuturistU Course
Omnichannel Retail
The trends shaping the way consumers shop today have facilitated an increased role in omnichannel retail. In this session, we’ll teach you the foundations of omnichannel retail, providing you with new business models and tactics to help you navigate the future of retail.
Rewriting the Rules of Retail FuturistU Course
Rewriting the Rules of Retail
Discover the emerging insights and trends that are shaping the future of retail! In this session, we’ll deep-dive into the needs of today’s consumer, showcasing what you can do to disrupt your industry and better capture consumer attention.
Hyper Convenience FuturistU Course
Hyper Convenience
The demand for convenience is ever-increasing amongst today's time-crunched consumers. In this course, we'll break down 6 key strategies brands can implement today to develop new approaches to delight consumers and stand-out amongst competitors.
New Business Models FuturistU Course
New Business Models
Learn how to navigate rapidly evolving business landscapes with ease! In this course, we break down emerging industry disruptors and shifts in consumer needs to help you find strategic clarity.
Future of Tech FuturistU Course
Future of Tech
The rapid evolution of technology today, and its integration into our lives, are transforming the experiences of both consumers and brands. This course explores the 3 phases of Futurism, predicting the future impact of technological advances disrupting industries today.
Innovating Through Ritual FuturistU Course
Innovating Through Ritual
Explore case studies that showcase how the most innovative people productionize out-of-the-box thinking within their teams. This course presents best practices created and used by the world's top innovators to help you approach innovation with actionable tactics.
Innovation Tactics FuturistU Course
Innovation Tactics
In this course, you’ll learn proven techniques to find new ideas, gathered from personal interviews with today’s most innovative business leaders. This course will teach you actionable innovation tactics, helping you form your own culture of innovation.
The 18 Megatrends FuturistU Course
The 18 Megatrends
Major shifts in any given industry can be traced back to evolutions in consumer desires. Discover how Trend Hunter's 18 Megatrends can help you unpack consumer desire today, to understand what they truly desire and why, and implement consumer-centricity.
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